Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Portrait - Pam Dignan

Hello everyone, I have not posted to the blog yet so Here is my first. Tazzy asked me to so I said I would. I wanted to say that I am so glad that this group has formed and I hope that we will be able to move ahead and get to that non-profit status and get some much due respect as artist.

This image is of the last commission portrait that I have just recently finished. The photo was taken of Pam by her then, boyfriend, when she was 16. They were riding in a cable car at the largest amusement park in Ohio at the time called Cedar Point. She said she didn't realize John was taking a photograph of her and only found out later when they were viewing the slides at his home later that month. She said that the photo remains his favorite of her. She is giving the portrait to him as a birthday gift. The day was very over-cast so I had a pretty dark image on the original slide (now 35 years old) to work from. I opened her eyes a bit more and made her hair a bit more full since it was being blown back some by the wind. I delivered the finished drawing to her last week and she loved it. Still waiting to hear what John, her husband, thought of it.

The drawing is 16" x 11" and drawn on Hammer Mill, Acid Free, Heavy Cover Stock for Color Laser Printing. The medium is Staedtler "Triplus" Medium and Fine Point Ball Point Pen. I sealed the drawing when finished with a Cristle Clear Acrylic spray. I had 15 hours in the completion of the drawing. Thanks again for looking and any comments can be left here or at my blog spot www.rural-route-one.blogspot.com


  1. Wow! Did you deliver or what? Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful piece with us. I've been messing a bit with a black Bic Accountant fine pt. pen and really like the feel and control...but miss the black blacks I get with the India ink. Going to keep at it though, I'm thinking the ball point is going to work great for my barn. Thanks again for the post...maybe this will be the ice-breaker we have been needing...

  2. Hey Loranda, thanks for the comment on this one. The blacks that I get with my ball point work is achieved with layers of ink and not one pass. I don't press hard but, rather I layer the ink many times over the same space when I want the deep solid blacks. It is a bit time consuming but well worth the effort in the end. I will post one with the dark darks in it. This one has broken dark work mostly with just a few solid darks. Take care...

  3. Yes - that is part of the 'trick' with great work - ye cannot do it in 'one pass', that it takes going over and over, carefully, much like colored pencils, actually...