Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Getting Going

Hi Everyone!

I joined up and am enjoying reading the posts from everyone.

My question is, what now?

How about some comments on what you are currently working on?

Maybe some posts of works in progress?

How about some form of designation on our signatures to show we belong to a great group of artists?

Mike, BC, Canada


  1. Glad to see you take the plunge. And I agree, what now? We have been depending on Robert to carry this all by himself. What does he expect from the rest of us? Hey, Robert, what say you? Where do we go from here?

  2. I am adding "Member-ISPIA" to my new business cards. It will give me another point of conversation when I pass them out and then I can point folks here. Now, as the others have said, Where do we go from here? I hope that we can get an official non-profit status...

  3. The non-profit is fine as far as I am concerned, and have been looking at this site to see what all is involved - indeed, just what kind this would best be...


  4. As for what I am 'expecting from the rest' of y'all, actually haven't given it all that much thought... what I've been striving to do is sort of set up something in the way of ideals and groundings to help make this seem more in the way of something other than beginners gathering - something more professional, tho I doubt there is anyone who is making a living at this in the sense that some manage to so do with colored pencil renderings... and that, I would say, is how I seem to see this as - an organization molded with much the same regards as the colored pencilers, but with being ink, a harder, less forgiving, yet potentially a greater in possibilities medium that needs separate itself from mere sketchers and prelim users... that, at least, is how it has been taken so far - what the rest of you want, well, that y'all have to speak and say...

  5. BTW - that is an excellent idea, Vineed...