Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Centerville Barn, etc.

The "etc." first...is it appropriate for me to post a work here? I'm not sure exactly what we're doing on this site--perhaps just creating something as we go along. At any rate, Mike suggested showing some of what we've been working on, so here's mine.

An explanation: I belong to a site, "Painting Friends," where we're doing an A to Z painting challenge--going through the alphabet and doing a painting, sketch, whatever for each letter. Some years ago I happened to see this great old falling down barn in a side street in Centerville, Utah, and took a few photos (it's been torn down now). The front of the barn had so many great textures: old wood, cement, rock, metal...I believe this is about 8" x 8" and I call it a sketch because it only took a few hours and wasn't intended to be a Great Work of Art. I was criticized for not composing it on an angle (you know the rule--never something face-on). Don't care, though--I'm happy with it!


  1. Hi Susan, I know the feeling of being hit with the "Why did you do that face-on for?" I know exactly why I did it but, I didn't bother to try to explain it to them. Neither should you. It's a very nice sketch. Like you said, It wasn't meant to be a "great work of art". It has some very nice elements as it is. The many textures makes it a great study piece. Nicely done.

  2. I agree - it is a well done work with many good texturing, which seems the point of why you did it... as for the so-called 'rule', it is only a general preference - mostly for those unable to grasp perspective well... indeed, a large version of this would, with all the great relief detailing of the many parts,would make for a great rendering, and the sense of depth from the surrounding areas could be more easily achieved in contrast to the great detailing of the main object - the barn...

  3. First I would like to thank you for posting. Second it is a wonderful example of what is possible with pen and ink.
    Third if they don't like "face on" tough.
    I have a rendering of a face on view of an old post office/general store. Never thought a thing about it until after I was finished with it. And no one said a word about it. Being new to the "rules" I had never heard of this one. It makes sense...I suppose...wonder how many other "rules" I have bent or broken...

  4. P.S. I have been having trouble posting...anyone else?