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"Realms" WIP

This is a drawing done many years ago for a now lost and presumed destroyed painting, and have decided to resurrect it with a new version, this one done in inks... it is on 32"x20" acid free foamboard...

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"Consequences" WIP

 this here is the making of the grisaille, seen below, using indigo acrylic ink... next is to color this into full color painting...

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"Cheer Ease"

20"x30" pen and acrylic inks on acid free foamboard...
using #100 and #102 nibs...

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"Sol Etude" WIP

am going to try again to see how close can get to one of Yang Yu-Tang's work - this image in this case...  it will not be duplicating it, but inspired by it and trying to see how close can get to its detailing - and this is about his simplest work I've seen...

 this is showing the 20" width of the work, which is to be a vertical 30" one... so can see how large it is... the following is the close-up, to better see the detail - am using a 108 nib and FW acrylic black ink....

Wednesday, June 25, 2014