Friday, September 16, 2011

Act of Creation.......

One thing which seems to be a uniqueness with me is that my composing of a theme/title rendering is mostly mental - that is, very rarely do I bother doing doodle sketches in working out the ideas... indeed, my journal of ideas is all writing - sometimes detailed notes on how the image is visualized in my mind, including the vagueness of the outside areas if such be the case, as means of forcing myself to concise the intent of what it is am wanting to show... for the most part, this has always been my way, even as it is something I not know anyone else doing, and yet it has worked for me, as whatever image was in my mind when first wrote down the notes, that remained what was worked on in the refining process... perhaps it is a consequence of being, as most artists of course are, so visually oriented, yet at the same time a consequence of being aided in this refining by at times turning to poetry as a means of concising my intents - something which am sure very few others ever thought of doing, let alone going for ... why this?

When, many years ago, first got into thinking of what I wanted to do as an artist, how it had to be purposeful and not the usual willy-nillyness of impromptu and impulsiveness so many others were doing, I lived with a person who was a poet - not an ordinary kind that sprouted gibberish and wang-tang nonsense, but a craftsman kind, who took words and ideas seriously, and where every word and image led inexorably to the proper and could not have been otherwise conclusion - who indeed worked from the theme, the abstract idea, to the verbally visual concrete words... it was he who told me that as a means of better understanding what it was I wanted to show, to write poems about it, or at least to think in terms of verbal as means of 'seeing' that visual more sharply, more integratedly... and it has worked, and has been my means ever since...

[oh yes, this is not to say there are no sketches to be found regarding my compositions, but that they are much more in the finalizing stage, that of putting down in concrete the mental image being molded in my mind - and from there finalizing further, if need be, in order to have the theme/title match the visual AND the intent, as integratedly as possible........ even if, from time to time, it not always fully succeed even then]

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