Monday, April 25, 2011

Improvisation and its Theming

Most know my works involve theming - indeed, it is the prime importance in fine art rendering, and conscious theming is the prime importance in theming...   but - what is it in Improvisation which is worth the effort of rendering?  what metaphysical symbolism is involved - especially in the various proposed roadkill, the means of providing meat to the soup?   what difference would it make to have, say,  just one item - the plucked chicken perhaps - instead of several, like a pigeon, rat, and puppy? or a hare?  or is there any difference other than perspective of likelihood in reality regarding roadkill?  would anything else of likelihood be used as the meat provider without involving roadkill?   

What is it of importance that involves rendering an Improvisation in the first place?   what sense of life is seen in it, and if not a positive one, why?  what is being said of, say, individualism - or of community - of self responsibility - of independence? or is anything being said of these - and if not, why not?   is it too early to speculate - and what might be added to alter the speculation? 

And - perhaps in this Society blog the most important of all - why do this rendering in pen and ink, and as a b/w in particular?  what does so doing say, from a fundamental standpoint that would distinguish this  from being rendered in another medium?

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