Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Finally another Pen and Ink and lots of Fur

Sorry I haven't been around much lately everyone. Just been busy with life but now I am back to my Art. . . and
..I decided to put my Art table back up and un pack some of my Art supplies, as I really want to paint again. This time I figured I would do something fun, how about an Icelandic Unicorn?!
Took a interesting photo of Dyfra not too long ago and am going to use her as a reference.
Will use my Pen and Ink and a bit of watercolor wash. I plan on inking in each hair on the Icelandic, so this piece might take awhile.
Ya, I am doing more fur again.... but I feel really rusty, or could that be because all the rain we have been having lately? LOL

Starting to apply the first layer of Ink.

Continuing with the first layer of Ink and adding some Shading to this piece. I have asked myself this question and I would love to hear from all of you.
Should I continue this piece as a golden horned Unicorn or should I just make it a cantering Icelandic playing in the snow?
You see, I am at a toss up but need to make a decision soon.
More to come...


  1. Good to see you back into ink. ;-)

  2. and that is coming along real good - looking forward to seeing it develop...

  3. personally, I prefer the cantering Icelandic playing in the snow - unicorns never 'did' anything for me...;-)

  4. Hi, Will get it updated soon.
    Normally I am not into Unicorns but I had a few people say they wanted it to be a Unicorn...