Saturday, April 30, 2011

"Improvisation" - 14

And the issue of what roadkill to use is now revealed - it is 'roadkill' from a store...
So - the question remains - why not the other, more expected or usual?  to begin with, consider the theme/title, and context it with my known sense of life...  if I were most any other artist, there's be nothing odd of using a pigeon, or rat, or even a puppy as roadkill examples, because it would almost had been expected - for an ordinary person, those WOULD be typical roadkill...  but as all objects used in a work of art are, by the fact they are included, symbolic of particular importances [otherwise, why bother putting them in], even if the reason of the importance is not consciously articulated [ it is in the nature of composing a world of art]...   what, then, is being said if a pigeon was used, or including a rat as well - what sense of life is thus being portrayed - and further, what such if considering a puppy to use [and dog meat, for many in the Far East, is a delicacy, tasty, and when used in stew, makes for a delicious nutritious meal]?   

So, then - what difference is being emphasized when using a packaged meat as the protein?  it is, after all, since one needs be 'on the road' to get it, a form of 'roadkill'?  further, how does this more fit into the theme/title, as opposed to the traditional roadkill?  an improvement? or just different? 
 And further work on the canister........

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