Monday, May 18, 2009

In the Beginning...

This is an opening declaration of fellow ink artists to elevating pen and ink works to the appreciation of fine art... to begin, here is an example - "Mother Lode", 32"x40" -


  1. Awesome! But where are the rest of the P & I'ers? Come on folks, let's hear what you have to say in support of this wonderful blog. My biggest regret is not having any work I believe falls into the "fine art" category. But I will keep working. Thanks, Robert, for setting this up. That first step is the hardest...I hope.

  2. Yes, in some ways feel like a 'voice crying in the wilderness' with this Fine Arts regards - yet do think there is validity for this, even if it might remain a minority compared to other mediums...

  3. I agree completely. On a daily basis there are artists sharing their incredable talent at WC. All you have to do to find Fine Art is visit WC and check out our talented Pen and Ink artists. It may take time, but the world will come around. After all, it wasn't that long ago that stippling was frowned upon and look at what stipplers do now.