Friday, May 29, 2009

Adding Color...

Despite the notion that b/w matches anyone's sofa color, there is a perception by some that without color in the rendering, there is less appreciation of the work... one of the ways of countering this is to combine the color with the b/w - as seen in "The Garden" [27"x40"] and "Reared Window" [32"x40"], where the foreground is textured so to allow a depth behind which is then rendered in color [bottled inks in the first, and colored pens in the second]...


  1. Thank you for the "Books of Interest" list. I'm surprised to find three books I own on the list.

    Color is something that scares me to death. I love the results others get, but haven't had much luck myself. I love the subtle changes in tone achieved with black and white. I find it almost magical what can be done with a simple pen, some ink and imagination.

    I'm intrigued by "painting" in ink and would like to read more about that.

    You have posted some fine examples so far and hope you will continue. I find it very inspiring to visit daily to "see" what you are thinking.

    I'm still a little disapointed in lack of comments. Would like to know what the rest of our Society is thinking. Or is this not the forum for that?

  2. And others providing some examples, too, would help... I can only show so much, as am trying not to make this as such a personal showcase - and the idea of pen and ink painting is new, actually, only Yang outside of myself seems to see this as possible, tho he deals only in b/w as far as am aware... but - will keep googling to see what else comes up, and of course keep on with my own renderings...

  3. I've invited Vinee here - his latest would be a good one to show here...