Sunday, August 2, 2009

Landscapes and Leben II...

While the black/white ones run about 16"x24' in size, he has turned to doing large color ones of 60"x24" - a fascinating series of staircases, but worth the looking for ideas in how to plan large works and establish the desired sense of depth...


  1. These are wonderful! They are digital paintings? He explains the technique here Especially like the beach chairs one from yesterdays post, but not too crazy about the sky. Like you said...great depth in all of the pen and ink renderings.

  2. Yes, tho technically digital, the manner in which he did them lets me say they're as much pen and ink as otherwise... and yes, that method of doing sky displeased me as well - would had actually been better to omit, would think... still, good examples of possibilities...

  3. Judging by how my mouse handles...I am very impressed by what he does...would be harder than the old fashioned way for me.

    The possibilities are endless it seems...just need the ambition to get with it and try a few. Been thinking a lot about something bigger...what I haven't a clue yet, but am watching for that flash of inspiration...or even a glimmer.