Tuesday, July 28, 2009

So Still the Broader Vision...

Pen and ink artists, whether inspired by those of the 'dark side', or from a visioning of their own, do still put out landscapes here and there - be they cityscapes or the pleasantries of the countryside... and they are as much with the b/w as would be assumed with color - to great effect...


  1. I wish it were possible for me to be adding more of my renderings to this, but in doing these works of mine, especially the large ones, it is just impossible to be done with them in a few days, and a blog, to be successful in maintaining interest, must needs keep to updating every few days... for a time, with a couple dozen others now listed as associate contributors, I thought there'd be more involvement - but few seem interested in adding or enlarging the views here... in one respect, this is flattering, as could assume what I am saying fits well with the others - but am sure there are other views to this, and if this is to become a more permanent organization, more involvement by others needs be...

    At the present, am working on a large rendering project which involved three variations on the same theme - one for colored pencil, "My big back Yard", on a 24"x36" format - one for pen and ink, "My bigger Back Yard", on a 32"x40" format, and in color - and a picture window sized 4'x8', "The Biggest Back Yard", which has as far background an immense viewing of space... when the basic sketch is all worked out, I will transfer for the colored pencil and pen/inks ones, and then can do a WIP of it here [among places] - but, due to the size, and working on both essentially at the same time, these updates may not be as often as would like... we'll have to see...

    [and yes, eventually, I would like being able to be working on a 40"x60" sized rendering, about the same size as Ewing's masterpiece - would be nice if another be doing likewise, somewhere, to add to the grandness of pen and ink fine art rendering...]

  2. I am stunned at the lack of participation among our members. Wrong time of the year perhaps and too busy. Whatever the reason...Robert you are a rock. Thank you, for giving me a place to start my day with something inspiring. It is mighty boring sitting on a tractor all day...and having something intriguing and beautiful to think about is a blessing.

    I would love to participate more...but alas, I don't feel my work is anywhere close to good enough to post here. You have seen my postings at WetCanvas.com...do I have anything that would add to the conversation? Nothing that I know of.

    And I don't feel real comfortable in giving opinions or advice on how to theme and create fine art renderings in pen and ink...when unable to do so myself.

    So that puts me in the bleachers...as I continue to strive for the allusive prize, cheering on and supporting those who can and have.

  3. Hmmm - maybe needs do a landscape of a cornfield - "Tractor Art" ... ;-)

  4. 'tis a thought...although my tractor is in a hayfield with narry a cornfield in sight...but you have given me an idea...thanks Master :).


  5. ROFL - kinda shows what part of the country I've been living in, huh, to think of tractor and cornfield, not hay...;-)

  6. There are cornfields around the area...just not where we are haying. Lotta center pivot irrigation here in north central Nebraska. Cows and corn everywhere you look.

  7. Well, have begun 'My bigger back Yard', but it will not be in full color, because started it with black ink... but will see - if nothing else, the valley and distance part will be in color [as will remember to grisaille it in blue], and is possible may try for the foreground [on which am presently rendering]to be colored, inasmuch as is stone, pebbles, and grasses, and the black could be as well dark shading...