Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Unicorn Continued

I wasn't sure how I was going to place her horn, so I took a thin piece of paper and placed it over my painting. This way, I would not draw and erase on the good hot press many times over, which would ruin the paper.

Since I now had her horn placed on her forehead, it was time to start the back ground. This is the first under layer of color but I had a problem. Using Derwent watercolor pencils makes it nigh on impossible to do large areas of color well.

Rarely do I put watercolor pencil to paper but in the case I would have too. So I used the side of the pencil and slowly did circular motions with various colors onto the hot press paper.

Then I very carefully... with a couple of small brushes, added the smallest amount water to the pigment. Using a circular motion again so I can create the Monet type background I was looking for.

The Icelandic Unicorn is coming along slowly. I have added the gold leaf ink on the horn but still have to do some highlights on it. Have starting working on her mane, trying to make it as free flowing as possible. Background is a bit brighter than it is in person due to the flash.

Just a shot of my Artist's desk with the latest painting on it, looking out to one of my horse pastures. In this photo, it is too hard to see my mini Mare laying down with the lambs. An inspiring and peaceful place to work.


  1. Looks good - love the background....

  2. also like where you work - nice to look out on such serenity.......