Friday, March 4, 2011

Importance and Theming

I am often asked how is it such theming takes place within my works...  in an earlier posting, there was mention of 'what is important' to a work, specifically "Quiet Moment", with several questions asked - in the hopes some would think on them and analyze them in regards to this work, not as a critique, as such, to this work, but as a means of better grasping the nature of how theming goes, how one pieces together aspects of a work so that it all better fits together in an integrated fashion [remember, it is the theme/title which comes first in my works, with the visualizations as consequence, not the usually done of trying to find a theme amidst a work and tagging a title thus to it]...  the same can be asked of this ongoing rendering, "Pitter Patter" in part because the reason for that title is not as easily seen as was the other one, yet is as vital to what is rendered...

Why these words?  what do they connote, regardless of what is seen in the working rendering?  how, then would this connotation apply to the rendering?  what other metaphoric relatings can be derived from this - why?  with every object, because it is included, being as such a symbol, what are the cherries a symbol of - or rather, what could they be symbols of, since being metaphoric, they can symbolize many things?  does everything seem to tie together, or does there seem some inconsistency - if so, where, and why the seeming?  is everything balanced - and is the balance dynamic or static?  why - and if static, what could improve it, and why?

Many persons have commented to me about how my works 'make them think' - asking these questions helps grasp why this is so, and in turn shows a manner in which one can, as an artist, do much the same with their own works, with the end result of improving if nothing else the consistency, the integrating of whatever is in those works...  this in turn would also improve the amount of satisfaction an artist can find in their work, as well as seeing a reflected satisfaction from viewers of the works - for the same fundamental reasons...

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