Saturday, February 5, 2011

What, Then, Makes for Important?

If it is the unimportant that is omitted from a painting, what, then, makes for being important - enough at least to then include within a work of art?   Consider, for instance, the just finished rendering - Crafting Creation...   

Is there anything which ought to be there that is missing?  why is it ought? why is its absence detracting from the theme/title if it is really an ought?

Is the cup really necessary?

Are the number of beans sufficient, or is more needed - or less? Why? why were the beans included - would the rendering be any less of substance if not there?

What of colors - what if had everything, except the grinder and beans, of a red earth color?  would it have made a difference? why? 

The cabinet doors - why both closed? what difference if one was ajar? which one? why? what if had done no doors, but open shelves?

Would it had made any difference if the drawer was open, or the grinder handle turned a different direction? why?

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