Sunday, March 21, 2010

Possibilities [and the Differences It Doesn't Make]...

Initially, there was to be a few more of the landscape-in-water-drop studies before deciding which will be used in the Clear In The Air rendering...   but on reflection, this is not necessary - why? because  in the context of things, some of those would not really seem appropriate for the faucet...   consequently, one has been chosen and it will be revealed when the rendering is posted...  the question here is the issue of the differences - why in this case they do not make a difference in the choosing...   does this, for instance, mean the others are no good for faucet use? no, not at all - but in terms of the particular theming, as embedded in the theme/title, I found the other ideas, including the projected cityscape ones, to be better worked for other water drop renderings [yes, this means yet another series evolving]...   is this much of a big deal? no again, because in how I 'see' my world, many of the contexts fall into place almost without thought [tho it certainly is there, just subconsciously] from long practicing of the 'seeing' in terms of abstraction to concrete viewings...   and further, variations on a theme are almost always popping up in the act of creation [for me at any rate], which adds to the possibilities of what to choose in specific terms for the parts of the viewing-to-be...   at the moment, I'll not go further with this, as it would then involve a long essay - but rest assured I will try to sometime give a detailing of what makes one better in specific instances over another - that it is not a mindless whim - and in so doing, hopefully will illustrate a means of others interested in 'seeing' more clearly choice choosing in their theming, something sorely lacking in almost any instruction on the subject...  [there is a caveat on this, tho - what I may choose per one over the other is based on my own personal viewing of the world,  and another's viewing,  being their own and as such different experiences, would as such be different YET AS VALID,   just a different set of perimeters being worked]

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